From Pyrlandia

chien de montagne des pyrénées

"From Pyrlandia" PUPPIES ♥



               birth: 8 February2019              

4 males and 4 females


reserved for now! 

Esty was reserved almost since she was born and she was supposed to go abroad, but her future owners didn’t fulfill the transport conditions and so we are looking for new owners for this sweet girl.
We believe she will find her right family quickly. Esty was supposed to leave after 4 months, so we've been working with her since little puppy age. However, it was not a difficult "work" because she has really excellent and not complicated character. She is cheerful, very contact and looking at the world through her pink sunglasses , which is not very typical for the Pyrs. She loves people, but she is also great guardian at this very young age.
Estomé is a female full of strength and vitality, we suppose she will be strong and tall in the adult age. She's still a puppy but she's really big for her age. At 4.5 months, she id 30 kg and 63cm. She just started losing her milk teeth and is growing new teeth and it seems like her bite will not be ideal. That is the reason she is not suitable for breeding and therefore we offer her with a discount.

As she was ready to travel far away abroad she is completely vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, and with her new owner she will leave us with her own a petpassport and complete own set (food, leash, collar, bowl, dry bed, toys, treats ...)
Esty is able to walk on leash, drive in car, walk to busy places... etc. She loves people, children, she likes attention and is also good in company of other dogs and livestock.


If you think, that Estomé could be the right partner and family dog for you, call us or come to see us and get to know one big happy puppy. ♥

Estomé D'or from Pyrlandia (E litter)




PORTOS Pomniejsze Bóstwa (HD A, ED 0/0. PL 0/0) GCH. AMANDA Red SUNSET (HD A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0) 



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